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Curtain Cleaning

Low Prices From $7.90 per kg.

Quality And Thorough Curtain Clean. Squeaky Clean.

With Pore-Clarify™ Curtain Clean Technology.

Why Use Our Curtain Clean Services?

We CLEAN your curtains BETTER.
With Pore-Clarify™ Clean Technology.
What does that do for your curtain?
Your curtain fabric may be different.
Cotton, polyester and synthetics…
When used in specific locations.
Are exposed to heat, humidity and dirt exposure.
Require different treatments for curtain clean.
To remove grime, dirt, allergen and mould.
Or else your curtains degenerate and age more quickly.
And you get ill more easily.
So a relevant Pore-Clarify™ Eco-Friendly Solvent is used for the treatment of your curtains.
Dirt, grime, odour, germs, bacteria have no place in your home.
Its like a facial for your curtains with protectants added.
You want clean curtains and you want health.
Get it in one Pore-Clarify™ Curtain Clean Treatment.

As a rule of thumb.
Give your curtains a regular dryclean every 6 months.
Ensure no allergens and bacteria will build-up to affect the health of your family members.
The Pore-Clarify™ treatment keeps your curtains lasting longer.
And fresher looking too.

Call us NOW for an immediate booking date at 6522-0650 or 9019-8228.
Affordable Prices. Quality Service and Products.
Pore-Clarify™ Clean is applied for all curtain cleaning jobs.
Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Pore-Clarify™ Dryclean at Low Low Prices. You have 2 choices…

With Dismantle and Installation:

Day curtain – $14.90 per piece
Night Curtain – $11.90 per Kg
Blackout Curtain – $13.90 per Kg

Without Dismantle and Installation:

Day curtain – $9.90 per piece
Night curtain – $7.90 per Kg
Blackout Curtain – $9.90 per Kg

What We Do Best.

We offer curtain cleaning services that ensure your curtains can be collected within 2 hours after you make that call to us. Do allow at least a half hour for the dismantling, marking and gathering of curtains at your premises. Curtain cleaning requires distinct attention to detail as we visually scan the condition of the curtains whilst they are being taken down and gathered. We will update you if we discover tears, deterioration or discolouration.

If you have been promised the next day or 2 days delivery time your quality of curtain dry cleaning is compromised.
A good job to remove grime, dirt and bacteria cannot be rushed.
Give us
4 to 5 days to complete the dryclean process.

Call 6522-0650 or 9019-8228 NOW!


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